This course offers an overview of principles and properties of biomedical materials. Topics include properties of materials used in medicine, synthesis and properties of polymeric materials, polymeric biomaterials, natural and recombinant biomaterials, biodegradable materials, hydrogels, stimuli-sensitive materials, and characterizations of biomaterials. Prerequisites: Organic Chemistry I & II.

This course focuses on the interaction of biomaterials with the biological system and applications of biomaterials. Topics include host reactions to biomaterials and their evaluation, cell-biomaterials interaction, biomaterials for tissue engineering applications, biomaterials for controlled drug and gene delivery, biomaterials for cardiovascular applications, biomaterials for orthopedic applications, and biomaterials for artificial organs. This course includes a lab component (four labs). Prerequisites: 510.316 or permission of instructor.

This laboratory course concentrates on synthesis, processing and characterization of materials for biomedical applications, and characterization of cell-materials interaction. Topics include synthesis of biodegradable polymers and degradation, electrospinning of polymer nanofibers, preparation of polymeric microspheres and drug release, preparation of plasmid DNA, polymer-mediated gene delivery, recombinant protein synthesis and purification, self-assembly of collagen fibril, surface functionalization of biomaterials, cell culture techniques, polymer substrates for cell culture, and mechanical properties of biological materials. Prerequisites: 510.407 or permission of instructor.

This course examines the principles of thermodynamics as they apply to materials. Topics include fundamental principles and laws of thermodynamics, equilibrium in homogeneous and heterogeneous systems, thermodynamics of multi-component systems, phase diagrams, and statistical thermodynamics. Prerequisites: Calculus I and II. Freshman/sophomore chemistry and physics, or permission of instructor.

This course reviews recent advances in biomaterials focusing on the design principles in polymeric biomaterials. It will cover topics from molecular designs of polymeric biomaterials, materials surface engineering, processing of polymeric scaffolds, materials for drug and gene delivery, combination products, to manipulation of cellular behavior through materials engineering. Specific examples of biomaterials for cell/tissue engineering, and drug/gene delivery will be discussed. Prerequisites: 510.606, or 510.607, or permission of instructor.