Zhicheng Yao

PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering

Zhicheng completed his B.S. and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Zhejiang University in China and is conducting his Ph.D. thesis research in Mao Lab, focusing on polymeric biomaterials synthesis, stem cell delivery, immuno-engineering, and neuro-engineering.  He brings a background in biomaterials for tissue regeneration and a wide range of expertise in biomaterials synthesis and characterization, chemical composition detection, mammalian cell culture, and molecular biological and histological analyses to develop various engineering tools for tissue regeneration.  His research includes progenitor/stem cell delivery in hydrogel for tissue reconstruction, soft tissue reconstruction, chronic wound healing, and peripheral nerve repair.  He has co-authored 19 peer-reviewed journal articles and one book chapter.  He would like to pursue a career in biomedical research to address unmet clinical needs.  Outside of the lab, he enjoys movies, music, and searching for delicious dishes.

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