Enoch Toh

Undergraduate Student

B.S. Candidate in Computer Science and Molecular & Cellular Biology, Class of 2026

Enoch is an undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Molecular & Cellular Biology. His previous research experiences include co-leading the TAS_Taipei International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) team and working at a cancer vaccine and immune cell therapy laboratory, where he spearheaded polypeptide vaccine development.

Passionate about both the wet and dry lab, Enoch is interested in how in silico and in vitro methods can be leveraged in fields of immunoinformatics, synthetic biology, and drug/vaccine development. Enoch’s current projects focus on developing ML-guided high-throughput screening platforms for the development of lipid-based nanoformulations for challenging drug delivery targets. Outside of research, Enoch enjoys playing racquet sports and trying new foods.