Anson Zhou

Undergraduate Student

B.S. Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, Class of 2023

Anson Zhou is a Biomedical Engineering major with interests in medical device translation and commercialization, biomaterials, education outreach, and cooking. He was raised in Brookhaven, New York, where he first discovered his interests in interdisciplinary research as a high school research fellow at the Stony Brook University Garcia Center for Polymers at Engineered Interfaces. Upon arriving at Johns Hopkins University Anson began as an undergraduate researcher in Mao Lab at the Institute for NanoBioTechnology. Since then, he has worked on several biomaterials-based devices including the conical nerve conduit, and more recently collaborating with overseas textile manufacturers to develop highly breathable and accessible face mask filters. Anson is the co-founder of a medical device startup called “Pediafeed,” which has developed a gastrostomy tube for neonates and infants that is resistant to displacement and can be easily replaced at home by caretakers. Anson’s work has inspired him to be deeply invested in the translational process and rely on the support of diverse mentors to address the multi-dimensional considerations that are required to effectively bring an invention to reality. Anson also works on the Access and Diversity Committee at the JHU Admissions Office and organizes mentoring initiatives for incoming biomedical engineering students. 


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